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'Jumbo Toilet Paper Dispenser'

Jumbo Toilet Paper Dispenser

With the support of our industrial experts, we offer a wide range of 'Jumbo Toilet Paper Dispenser'. These 'Jumbo Toilet Paper Dispenser' are highly appreciated for its various features that includes.

With our 'Jumbo Toilet Paper Dispenser' Bathroom Tissue Dispensers, you reduce the risk of running out at peak times - each high capacity roll has 15% more tissue than standard Jumbo Roll Tissue rolls. With this system there are no cores and no headaches, and will reduce packaging waste by 100% elimination of core waste when compared to cored JRT. Our 'Jumbo Toilet Paper Dispenser' are efficiently designed with a sliding side panel.

'Jumbo Toilet Paper Dispenser' are standard designed to fit all sizes of tissue paper rolls. The units are designed to withstand light to heavy paper quality with ease. We supplies tissue paper dispensers and c-fold and M-fold dispensers to various locations all over India.

Smart casing version of 'Jumbo Toilet Paper Dispenser', Seat Cover Dispenser & Waste Receptacle products, that gives a quick & easy, professional look with a dash of utility & performance. Sturdy built and designed to maintain hygiene, makes it the prefered choice. Support to keep a germ free environment alongwith dashing looks, full utility & performance.

General Features of 'Jumbo Toilet Paper Dispenser' :-

  • Long Lasting Life : Full Assurance of best quality #304 grade stainless steel

  • Vandal Proof Body : Perfect selection of material & design to protect from vandalism

  • Hygienic Environment : Keeps your hands and washroom germ free

  • Must for Green Buildings : Lesser carbon footprint as compared to regular products

  • High Density Polycarbonate Plastic : Rigid & durable polycarbonate for strength & enhanced life

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