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Twin Manual Soap Dispenser”

Our company offers high quality Twin Manual Soap Dispenser for our esteemed international customers. These Twin Manual Soap Dispenser highly appreciated soap dispensers are manufactured with high quality ABS plastic.

The Twin Manual Soap Dispenser is an highly versatile, user-friendly system, which fully adapts to your chemical needs. Pumps and containers are fully interchangeable, to allow any type of chemical to be dispensed from a refillable container or a disposable pouch - see the "Pumps and Containers" tabfor more information.

Features Of Twin Manual Soap Dispenser:

  • Capacity: 350 ml

  • Material: ABS

  • Reliable, economical and environmentally-friendly

  • Suited in kitchens, office buildings, classrooms, families, restaurants, hotels, bathrooms and laundry rooms

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