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We are Professional in Making Air Freshner Refill Manufacturer In Mumbai. Fragrance wields power and opens purses and the hotel industry knows it. Many hoteliers are fast commissioning Air Freshner for their lobbies, restaurants and guest rooms in the hope it will bring visitors back to renew their experiences. Smell is connected to the areas of the brain that process emotion and memory and is the only one of the five senses that is fully developed at birth. Air Freshner marketing in the hotel industry. Creating Air Freshner memories is a delicate, complex and difficult art, as these selected wisps of recall become permanent, indelible layers that build emotional loyalty to a favored place. Air Freshner branders for hotels specifically, have to consider such factors as: architectural design of the space; colors and textures and whether or not doors and windows will be open or closed which might require the chosen Air Freshner to blend with outside aromas. In the words of Caroline Fabrigas, chief executive officer of Air Freshner Marketing: “A good Air Freshner enhances the wood that you’re standing on, the stone on the wall. It’s almost as if the environment is breathing with you. It becomes intrinsic to the space.” Hotel Air Freshnerbranders must also keep in mind the mood they want to convey in their guest rooms. Should the Air Freshner be energizing or calming with wisps of peppermint? Would it be more successful if it blended comfort with quiet sexiness or playful and flirty with almond-like qualities? Or should the Air Freshner contain some of one aspect, some of another, or all of the above? Ultimately, hotel managers would love to hear their guests say upon leaving: “We have to return because we didn’t get a chance to see your fine city. In fact, we barely left our room!”

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