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Wet Towel Dispenser Manufacturer

Wet Towel Dispenser Manufacturer

We are the leading manufacturer of Wet Towel Dispenser. We offer wide range of Wet Towel Dispenser. This Wet Towel Dispenser model is cold/hot/normal wet towel optional. KK-WTD-02 Wet Towel Dispenser is the latest developed wet towel machine of our company which uses the newest technology in the world and a new generation designed according to domestic customer’s habit. With particular structure being a combination of perfection and exquisite this model is a new choice of pioneers.

Specification Of Wet Towel Dispenser:

  • Model: LS-WTD-02

  • Speed: 25 pcs/minu

  • Mains: 110 V/220 V/240 V,50-60 Hz

  • Power: 350 W(heat),3 W(static state),80W(cold)k

  • Proof: Grade1

  • Environment: 5-35

  • Net Weight: 10 kg

  • Tank capacity: 1.6 litre

  • Wet towel Width: 120 mm(double)

  • Wet towel Length: 170-230 mm

  • Volume: 435�210�425 mm

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