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Wet Towel Dispenser

Wet Towel Dispenser

We are leading Manufacturer amd Supplier Of 'Wet Towel Dispensers'. We are pioneer in offering high standard 'Wet Towel Dispensers' to our esteemed clients. These 'Wet Towel Dispensers' highly appreciated Wet Towel Dispensers are manufactured with the best quality ABS plastic. Our range of 'Wet Towel Dispensers' is highly demanded for its light weight design that preserves tissues and keeps them from drying. These Wet Towel Dispensers are highly useful for beauty salons spas restaurants, offices hospitals and many more.
Specifications Of 'Wet Towel Dispensers' :
Speed : 25 pcs/min
Input Voltage : 220V/50 Hz
Rated Power : 350 W(heat), 2.5 W(Static state)
Electroshock Proof : Class I
Environment : 5-30
Net Weight : 7.5 Kg
Tank Capacity : 1.6 liter
Wet towel Width : 120 mm(double)
Wet towel Length : 170-230 mm
Dimension : 420x210x310 mm

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